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Pressure Washing, Cleaning & Re-surfacing Services

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Here at Wight Jet Washing we are a new fully mobile business based on the Isle of Wight, offering the very best in high powered jet cleaning, graffiti removal, chewing gum removal and many more services which could benefit your cause. From cleaning Agricultural Machines to Boat Hulls, Conservatory Roofing to Entire Home reburbishment. We consider our service useful to anyone and everyone. Wheather it is your home or business. First impressions count, so why not choose Wight Jet Washing to show you the difference we can make to the exterior appearance of your property, business, vehicle aswell as as many other situations. As we are fully mobile we will not need to ask for your power or water.

Over the last 6 to 12 months we have conducted many tests on an array of surfaces, and found that most of time we only need to use water/steam and our high powered jet cleaners. Making our business very useful and environmentally friendly*. Our machines generate powers of up to 6000 psi and temperatures of 140 degrees, which makes some of the most stubborn stains easily removed.

*If we have no choice in using chemicals we will ensure the customer is fully aware before work is started.

  Resurfacing & Sealing Surface

As well as jet washing we also offer a various array of  resurfacing/sealing services, which includes anti graffiti coatings, non slip resurfacing, repainting etc. We give a free and detailed quotation on all of our jobs so the customer can 100% sure of the work being carried out. Here is one of the products we use for home and business use. Give unwanted intruders a nasty surprise!!


Off The Wall Grafitti Removal


Anti Climb - a greasy non setting coating that makes climbing almost impossible and very unpleasant. The surface dries to shed most airborne loose debris and gives good protection to many surfaces including wood, metal and masonry.